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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Puzzle Ribbons is a charity dedicated to helping autistic children in developing countries. I started Puzzle Ribbons when I was in fifth grade after I found that there was a lack of charities focused on this cause. I first learned about autism as part of a Peer Mentoring program, where I was given the opportunity to play and work with autistic children at my school during recess. As a part of this program I learned about the disorder and how autistic children are taught using more visual aids. But what really struck me was that I had far more in common with these kids: a lot of them liked sports, video games, art and reading. I continued visiting every week during recess, and in a matter of time we were all good friends. 

This program had a great impact on me as it sparked my passion for spreading autism awareness. Even after the program had ended, I continued to research more about autism. I learned that autistic children in developing countries did not have access to the same autism tailored medical attention and programs that exist in the US. From there on I made it my duty to spread autism awareness in these developing countries and provide these children with whatever resources I can. Please join me in these efforts and reach out to find out how you can get involved. 

~ Anjali Kapoor

When it all began... lemonade stand 5/20/12

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